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Early Dec '20, spent 2 weeks reconfiguring the wood shop layout. Got rid of unused cabinets, scrap wood, old banjo rims, necks that weren't worth saving or fixing. Cleared up space around the bay doors. Now I can comfortably service the vehicles, tractor, weld projects on a level concrete floor. Early configurations of the shop only resolved around general woodworking use and banjo making. The new configuration puts more focus on general homestead usage, i.e. vehicle maintenance, metal and welding projects, timber milling & outbuilding construction, firewood production.

Basically I got rid of shit that was taking up space!

Less is more.

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or at least that's what my wife and I call it, for now... or until a better name comes across our path. We are on a journey.

Yes, this is a blog.

I'm pretty certain I am done with social media, the negatives in my camp far outweigh the positives and I've been teetering over the edge for more than 4yrs...First I deleted my Facebook account Jan '20 and man did that feel especially good. In this last year even in this new normal/ Covid Era- I've been going on Instagram benders, removing the app from my phone and refusing to engage for month intervals. Well I think I finally pulled the plug, (research Dec 2020 Instagram *Terms of Service) and get back to me.... If social media was the only way for you to see what was going on in my personal life I'm sorry that that was your only venue. But, hey look before you, here is an outlet into our lil' homestead oasis project.

You will find postings about: our farm animals, our furry family, what we're growing, how we're doing, day trips we take, vacations, what problems arise, things we are trying, eating, our friends, neighbors, our community, banjos, trucks, tractors & implements, wood & fine woodwork, fiddles, campfires, permaculture, cover crops, alternative energy sources, etc.

I'm offering you, friend or neighbor or family member an outlook into our living situation on this rock. I get to control what is posted, what is shared without the big brother-data mine- extraction- cluster f*$# that is Social Media! Hope you enjoy, be kind and pass it along.

We are all on a journey.


J. Tyler Burke


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