My Country Music Community 

Building banjos has forever changed my life and I'm grateful for it.


Along my journey I have befriended so many new friends & neighbors.

 Some of my best memories are not the banjos that were built but the adventures and the people I met along the way. 


Here are few good folks & memories from the road. 

April 9th 2016

Zak Heerbrandt, Paul Bidanset & I with some early Renan Banjos.

April 2016


Fellow Virginians & Country Music Lovers, 

The Brackish Water Jamboree 

1st annual Norfolk folk fest
1st Annual Norfolk Folk Festival in Hampton Roads, VA 
July 2016
Skyler Askey FD002.jpg

Fellow Richmonder, Archivist, Musicologist & Collector.

Zak Heerbrandt 

Dom Flemons

1st Annual Norfolk Folk Festival @ O'Connor Brewery

Featuring Dom Flemons & Brian Farrow 

Hosted by Brackish Water Jamboree, July 2016

Appalachian String Band Festival aka 'Clifftop'
Aug 1-7, 2016 

Jack & Ian Moore

Dwight and I.jpg

Me and Dwight Diller of Pocahontas County, WV 

Although I didn't sell any banjos, Clifftop 2016 definitely left a resounding impression on me. Met a lot of fine folk and befriended some of the finest people who walk this Earth. 


Craig 'Frailin' Evans testing out FB08


Banjo Virtuoso Victor Furtado and NPR listening in.


First visit to Buckeye Banjos Homestead & Workshop in Eggleston, VA. Sept 2016

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 11.43.50

2016 Banjo Gathering in Charlottesville, VA


Met: Pete Ross & Kristina Gaddy, Will Seeders, Brooks Masten, Jim Hartell and many others.

Nov 2016 

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 11.44.03

 '5 Minutes of Fame'

Interviewed by Evanne Armour of Channel 8 News Richmond, VA 

#MadeinRVA Banjo maker crafting one-of-a-kind instruments


Air date: December 1st, 2016 


Seth Swingle plays the Kora. 

January 13th, 2017 at Wesleyan University Virginia Beach, VA

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 11.43.07

Picking 'French Waltz' and other fine Clyde Troxwell tunes

Roadtrip to Charlotte, NC

4hrs one-way, worth every mile! 


While visiting the Renan Homestead we took in a Saturday night show at Floyd Country Store. First time seeing Molsky perform a stage! 


Renan Banjos Exhibits at The Foundry Market, The American Civil War Museum at Historic Tredegar, Richmond, VA. June 2017

Appalachian String Band Festival 'Clifftop'  2017
July 29-Aug 6

Day 1, I've been beer'd.

Beth Hartness & Adam Hurt.jpg

Beth Hartness & Adam Hurt picking RB14

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 11.37.51

Day 6, SOLD OUT. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 11.37.33

The gangs all here. Zak Heerbrandt, Devon Flaherty, Candice Weber & Tyler Burke 

2nd Annual Norfolk Folk Festival 
@ O'Connor Brewering Co.
Aug 12th 2017

In a van down by... Zak Heerbrandt aka 'Doc Elliot' sings 'Little Old Log Cabin Down the Lane' prepping for his performance at 2nd Norfolk Folk Festival August 2017




We make it to Vienna, Austria on our 2 week Euro trip and I'm already looking for a banjo to pick. 

Sept 2017

John Anthony.png

John-Anthony DeMaio picks every note that exists on his new and improved Gold Tone Plectrum

Oct 2017

Tom Larsen of BlackBerry Banjos pops in for a visit, he just happened to be in town that week. 

April 2018


Seen here picking newly completed RB18

aka 'One-Eyed Jack' 

Nick Bays.jpg

Longtime friend, Nick Bays holds his custom RB17 'Seahorse' for the first time. Somewhere in eastern Kentucky 

April 2018

47th Annual Mount Airy Bluegrass & Old-time Fiddlers Convention 
June 1-2, 2018
mt airy 2018.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 10.29.02

Got to for more information on the Mt.Airy Fiddlers Convention 

Appalachian String Band Festival aka 'Clifftop'
July 30-Aug 5th, 2018

John Hermann & The Ruglifters picking Vendor Alley


It's not a real Clifftop if their ain't mud. Tarp it.


Adam Hurt knows how to bring the party. 

Cathy Fink & Dan Gellert & Adam in the tent and lookers on. 

Dan Gellert critiques RB18, he was generous! 


Dwight Diller teaching us tunes & technique. 


Fellow Virginian & Banjo Addict Jim picks RB15 'Ghost' while new friend & Banjo maker

Andy Lundeen of Silver Hill Woodworks looks on.

Victor Furtado brings out the sonic resonance of RB19

Jim & his VW Bus is on a journey man. Far out. 

Bon Voyage pickers & fiddlers 
Rockbridge Mountain Music
& Dance Festival
September 2018

Glen Maury Park, Buena Vista, VA

for more info about the festival


The Earl White Stringband played the Saturday night dance, it was a hoot! 


Southwestern Virginia Roadtrip

October 2018

Floyd, VA 

Willis, VA

Galax, VA 

Independence, VA 

Grayson Highlands & Mt. Rogers, VA

via rt 221 and rt 58


The Blue Ridge Music Center Museum on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Galax, VA 

early mountain banjo

We had the honor of hearing Riley Baugus perform at the Blue Ridge Music Center in Galax, VA

Oct 2018


Old Homestead along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Grayson Highlands, VA. 

Expert fit of this Saddle Notch handhewn Log Cabin. I would sign my name on that joint as well. 


Wayne Henderson Guitar at the

Grayson Highlands State Park Museum


Buzz saw Frontier painting, ugh yeah I want that on my wall. 


A visit to my good buddy Gene Bowlen's 

Homestead & Recording Studio

BeARcade Productions

Port Republic, VA 


then off to... 

2018 Banjo Gathering at
The Birthplace of Country Music 
Bristol, VA
wood mill, saw mill

a pair of matchstick fiddles, functional folk art

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.45.53

Jake Blount records live 'ON AIR' at Radio Bristol the tune "Blow The Grave" on RB18

Jake and I.jpg

Jake Blount is a tour de force in the Bluegrass & Old Time Community not only as musician, but as an Ethnomusicologist and Activist. It was my honor to meet him at the 2018 'gathering, to hear him speak and perform. 

Jake Blount plays 'Roustabout' 

Greg Adams does it well

Beth Hartness, Adam Hurt and Bob Carlin