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MOP Skeleton Inlay 
26.25" Scale fretted open-back 
Figured Cherry neck & dowel 
Black Richlite fingerboard & peghead
Pearl Side Dots 
Skinny Paddle Peghead 
Cole Style Heel
11" Cherry Pot
Whyte Laydie Brass Tone Ring 
24 Hooks, Notched Tension Hoop 
Aged Nickel & Black hardware 
Remo Fiberskyn Head 
Buckeye Nickel Tailpiece 
Tung Oil Finish 
Steel Strings 
$2000 estimated 
coming soon
The Renan Trucker Hat
$25 includes s/h

Comfy, One-size fits most craniums

Woodland Camo with black mesh trucker

Black embroidered stitching 

Mails in cardboard box USPS

Send $25 Venmo & Include Shipping Address


sold out 

Custom orders are closed for 2021-2022

I am no longer taking custom orders at this time. 

Current wait time: FALL 2022

Builders Notes:

I build 5-7 Banjos a year and I only accept between 3 to 5 custom orders. 

Once each slot is filled you can make a deposit to be on a waiting list for the next year. Build completion dates are estimated.

ALL Renan Banjos are one-of-a-kind. 

$250  To get on the Waiting List ( send Venmo @renanbanjos )
$500  *non-refundable Downpayment (Build Begin Date)
$$$  *non-refundable 3rd Downpayment 
$$$  4th Downpayment

Renan Banjos start at $1850 for a 'Booker' series open-back banjo.

Total does not include Shipping & Handling, a Hardcase or VA Sales Tax which applies to VA residents.

The Booker Banjo:

5-string Fretted or Fretless

Skinny Paddle Peghead 

Gotoh Planetary Tuners

Cherry or Maple Neck & Dowel
w/ Black Richlite Fingerboard & Overlay

25.5" Scale length 

Adjustable Truss Rod 

TUSQ Nut & 5th Pip

12" Diameter Cherry or Maple Pot, Aged Finish

26 Hooks, Double Footed Shoes & Notched Tension Hoop

Integral Hardwood Tone Ring

Raw Brass or Nickel Hardware

Steel or Nylon strung 

Remo Renaissance Head or Fiberskyn

Arch Scoop at 17th fret

Mini Pearl Fret Dots, Plastic side dots 

Railroad spike 7th fret

Cast Tailpiece

Non- Toxic Lacquer Finish

Fretless - $100

Hide Head + $75

Aged Brass hardware + $25

Dobson Tone Ring + $120

Whyte Laydie Tone Ring + $150

Tubaphone Tone Ring + $300

Superior Fitted Hardcase + $140

Additional hardware, materials & Labor: increase cost $$$

rb31 open-back banjo, renan banjos, clawhammer, old time music, kyle creed, richlite fretboard

RB31 'Booker' 

Builders Notes: 

I set out to design a banjo that was stripped-down simple, sonically 'loud enough' and that sounded and played great with the fiddles. Inspiration came from Kyle Creeds magic sauce that combines a 25.5" scale length with a 12" pot; a proven recipe and the recordings of Mike Gangloff of Black Twig Pickers fretless banjo. In my own experience I've found more hooks adds more resonance, more depth and more room to develop tonal range during setup.

18 hooks are sufficient but 26 are next level. 

If you are looking for a bassy mid-range, sonically rich & resonant banjo, look no further.

I describe the tone as hauntingly deceptive. This banjo 'cuts the noise'. 

Renan Custom Banjos start at $1950. 

Banjos come in all shapes and sizes and have many options so pricing varies!  

Email me and I'll work up an estimate.

Total does not include Shipping & Handling, a Hardcase or VA Sales Tax which applies to VA residents.

somethin' missin' ?

Got an inspiration or idea for a custom inlay or banjo?

Email me, I'm all ears. 

Got an old Pot that needs a new neck? 


Neck Conversion: 

Price Starts at $750, each application varies and so does the estimate. Give me a hollar and I'll work on a quote. 

Best way to contact is to Email me.

I am located in a rural area near Richmond, VA with poor cell & Internet Service.

 This is the 21st century, correct?!

Yeah, I can't believe it either.



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