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In times like these & good willin' neighbors

A good foundation for a stronger community is the sharing of knowledge, opportunity and the surplus of materials & goods.

"Yeah they come and they go

They're in and then out

Every day I'm getting better at losing something I haven't got

I just wanna do my labor, love my girl, and help my neighbor

While I keep a little hope for my dreams

But it's sure getting hard, brother, in times like these"

-Hayes Carll in 'Times Like These'

I was forking dirt just last week, prepping the new garden for the coming spring and a stranger drove up the driveway. And me as usual was parts suspicion, parts curiosity.

He made an offer I couldn't refuse. Take down this old lean-to and you can have the materials for free. I followed him down the road some and the offer was true. Returned the next 2 days and dismantled the lean-to. Took what I could but left some, it's just better that way. Don't need it all and don't want it neither. Selfishness is no character trait I care to own.

It's these simple acts of kindness that go ever further. One doesn't always have to reciprocate but just 'pass it on'.

Think of someone in need, a neighbor or a stranger and Pay it Forward.

So I thanked him for the opportunity and was glad to myself I was outside that day.

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