"this banjo has deeply informed my playing and how I approach the instrument. On the high end it's mellow and sweet, on the low it's growly and deep. Then there's that magic going on in the middle; it booms out and ties up everything happening on either end of the spectrum magnificently. The tone of RB33 is like hitting a hammer on the inside of an old hollow log; woody and resonant." 

-Will Wyatt RB#33 

 "As a serious clawhammer player looking for a serious instrument, I’m beyond delighted with my fretless Renan by Tyler Burke. The action is smooth, like butter, with great response regardless of the playing style, i.e. it’s an instrument that works equally well for a more aggressive “rhythmic” attack, and for a more intricate melodic approach. Most of all, it just sounds great... warm, authentic and wonderfully resonant. The icing on the cake is that it’s clearly built to last many lifetimes, with beautiful construction, finishes and details that are a real pleasure to the eye. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better instrument elsewhere"

-Todd Field RB#30 

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Dusty Lee Elmer, renan banjos


Libby Weitnauer and Jake Blount. 


 "This is a work of art that happens to be a world-class openback. Why would you buy a mass-produced banjo when Tyler can design and build you something uniquely awesome? His design sensibilities are clever and fantastic. Take a look at and see for yourself. Post-modern but grounded in tradition."

– Joel K. RB#21 

"The Buzzard is an amazing banjo, and I feel very excited to continue playing it. It is very well crafted, and Tyler's background in Fine Arts comes through in his craftsmanship and attention to detail in his banjos. He also seemed aware and took pride in sourcing his building materials well, locally, and sustainably. The neck on the banjo is thinner, which I find also gives it a really nice feel - it is very comfortable and relaxed to play. Would highly recommend Renan banjos to anyone looking for a unique open-back banjo." – Libby C. RB#12

Updated 02/06/22