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25.5" Scale fretted

Maple Neck and dowel

Richlite fingerboard with binding

Gotoh or Rickard Tuners with slotted 5th tuner

Reconstituted Stone inlays

11” Maple rim w/ Silver Belle tonering & custom resonator assembly

24 Hooks

Goatskin Head

Adjustable tailpiece

steel strings

raw brass hardware



25.5” Scale fretted

Maple Neck and dowel

Rosewood fingerboard with binding

Gotoh Tuners with Slotted 5th

11” Maple Rim w/ Whyte Laydie tonering

18 Hooks

Remo Renaissance Head

Cast tailpiece

Steel strings

raw brass hardware


aka 'future sciences' or 'Stellairis'

constellations galaxies future sciences sci-fi banjo futurisms projections ethereal dreams space save us from the earths doom we created

RB40 ’Stellairis’

Reconstituted Stone Tesselated Inlays

25.5” scale

Maple neck & dowel stick

Richlite Fretted Fingerboard

11” Maple Rim

18 Hooks

*Custom Tone Ring & Resonator Assembly

Rickard Brass hardware

Goatskin Hide Head

Tru Oil Finish


banjos, bikes & major awards!

*RB39 completed May 23rd~ a real beauty, sounds great, photos soonish.

*Longtime friends gifted me a framed Style article (2022) hangs front & center.

It's a major award!

*Bikes bikes bikes. When I'm not in the garden or in the shop, I'm on a bike. Pretty much everyother day I'm biking. It's how I spend my time. I have an affinity for things that go round.

Wife and I celebrated our 10yr anniversary bike-packing from Draper to Galax to Draper, VA via the New River Trail. 84miles round trip. This weekend 05/27 marks 5months of sobriety. One day at a time...Proud of myself and proud of where I'm going. 40 and feeling 15.

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