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Taking a break 11/23/23

Hey Renan Fans,

Not hanging up the hat just yet but taking a much needed break from full-time banjo building.

I have switched gears and have moved over to the Micromobility industry (e-bikes) where my fabrication & managerial skills have been useful. I've found that getting everyday folks on e-bikes to be as rewarding as building instruments that create joy. From the bottom of my heart, I am ever grateful for your support whether from the sidelines or if you purchased an instrument from me. The last 8 years have been jam-packed with precious moments, great music, adventures-for banjo's sake, incredibly warm people young & old and endless creative expression. Things that warm my heart.

I am ever humbled by this craft, Renan Banjos was an experiment to push my 'creativity into the stratosphere'. I'm not sure I ever reached that high, but maybe I'll come back to it, chapter deux?

I have much to say.

And much to do.

Take care,


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