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Living the forward life

At Renan Ranch, there is nothing but constant homestead projects; a 'structured chaos' if you will. If not by design; I've created an atmosphere/habitat that invites experimentation in permaculture projects, endless chores and routine mechanical maintenance. I've realized later in this decade that I cannot lie idle, to do so is imminent death. Projects, projects, projects.

Deep immersion.

When one takes on the 'homestead life' one also quickly realizes that you cannot do it all alone. It's impossible. There is zen in that realization. I find peace in knowing that I can't do everything. So I stick to what I know and then research what I don't. I think the hardest part mentally is starting a project, often times I stand in my own way. Best to just roll the ball and find out. You don't know until you know.

Happy New Year!

'20 be damned, decapitated Big Eyed Rabbit. Good fucking riddance.

Improve your soil, improve your life.

Years ago, say six, we moved into our 'lil rural respite and unbeknownst to me, we began a Hugelkultur pile. What the hell is Hugelkultur?

"Hugelkultur is raised garden beds that reduce or eliminate the need for

irrigation and fertilizer."

Hugelkultur- The Ultimate Raised Garden Beds, Gardening Without Irrigation. Paul Wheaton. 2020

Accessed January 5th, 2021.

so, so... this pile of brush, tree cuttings, logs, old firewood gone to rot was piled into a berm at the edge of our property. Mother Earth does it best. So this pile fermented, became a habitat to song birds, groundhogs, Big Eye Rabbits & the brush broke down over several years into usable rich, BLACK DIRT! Free dirt. When you 'farm, organic garden, grow your own food or whatever: free dirt is considered GOLD.

Fast-forward to 2019 I discovered this term in various 'Sustainable Life How-To' books. And that term still had to ferment (decompose) in my head a bit longer.

It wasn't until early March '20 when I began constructing the first pole barn Chicken Hut did I discover the FREE DIRT. Covid only compounded a growing desire in me to really take on the reins of farm efficiency, soil improvement, outbuilding construction, the ideals of homestead life, better living through self-improvement; diet and exercise. Homesteading has made me even more humble and with that more enjoyable. Ask my wife!

If anything COVID, put life as I know it into RAZOR Perspective. Here one day gone the next.

May those that rest, rest peacefully.

The latest 2021 project is construction of a new Hugelkultur mound: be continued.

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