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Tales from the road

banjos, bikes & major awards!

*RB39 completed May 23rd~ a real beauty, sounds great, photos soonish.

*Longtime friends gifted me a framed Style article (2022) hangs front & center.

It's a major award!

*Bikes bikes bikes. When I'm not in the garden or in the shop, I'm on a bike. Pretty much everyother day I'm biking. It's how I spend my time. I have an affinity for things that go round.

Wife and I celebrated our 10yr anniversary bike-packing from Draper to Galax to Draper, VA via the New River Trail. 84miles round trip. This weekend 05/27 marks 5months of sobriety. One day at a time...Proud of myself and proud of where I'm going. 40 and feeling 15.

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